Lisemco, Wednesday day 8 month 7 year 2020
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Project: Low-income residential area for officials

Investment projects in low-income residential area for officials and employees of Hai Phong Equipment Manufacture & Shipbuilding Company Limited in Bac Giang lagoon – Hung Vuong ward- Hong Bang district- Hai Phong invested as a Hai Phong Equipment Manufacture & Shipbuilding Company Limited. The project built on the same set of system technical infrastructure and the high-rise apartment blocks with the aim of building social housing for those with low incomes who are officials and employees of company, has been approved by the city People’s Committee Decision No.208/QD-UBND contributing for renovation and reforming the urban and increase housing stock in the city.


Projects with a total area: 26591.46m2, the total investment planned over seven hundred billions, the project implemention period from 4th quarter 2011 to 2015 in which constructing the combination of 01 double tenement house and modern trade center with 19 floors, 03 tenement house with 19 floors and 5 buildings with 7 floors. The total is 699 departments and 2.500 people. This project was performed with complete infrastructure, including trade centers, trasport infrastructure, lighting, garden area, and other public utilities


This project contributes to create a living modern facility, development of general welfare for employees and welfare of Hai Phong city as well.